Politika village

Politika village is situated 25km away from the town of Chalkida. The village is covered in rich vegetation while the beneficial wind from the Northern Evvoia Gulf blows gently. Visitors have the chance to enjoy one of the cleanest beaches of about 3.5km long. 

The village’s fish-taverns purchase fresh fish from local fishermen on a daily basis. At the village’s main square, you will have the chance to taste traditional “meze” (a selection of small dishes served as lunch or dinner) while enjoying your “ouzo” drink at traditional cafes, under the shadow of old sycamores. 

At the northern side of Politika, about 1 km away, travelers can visit the 13th century Monastery of Panaya Perivleptos and the little chapel of Ayios Panteleimon. Inside the surrounding pinewood lies the area’s gorge as well as the springs which provide fresh water for the village. On the hill nearby, lays the chapel of Prophet Elias which offers a truly amazing view to the village and to the northern Evvoia Gulf. 

The village was named POLITIKA by the residents who arrived at the area during the Byzantine times and built the town. These people originated from the outskirts of Konstantinople and named the town after their district as a remembrance.


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